Pasqua for LCCC

True education for Laramie County

Meet Jenefer

I'm Jenefer Pasqua and I want to make a difference in students' lives.

I worked hard to achieve educational success, and numerous caring and kind teachers throughout my life helped guide me along the way. I am running for the Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees to refocus the time and energy of the college and its leadership back where it belongs: on the students. The vast number of reforms, reorganizations, and initiatives the college has recently undertaken may be important, but they don’t account for one undeniable thing; faculty are the ones who actually teach the students. It is their innovations, their devotion, and their time that is most valuable…time with the students.

Time with you, if you’re a student. Time with your children, if they are students.

These near constant reorganizations aren’t free; they have a cost. Every moment spent working on some new initiative is a moment not spent on a student. Every moment spent in a meeting to hear about the new initiative is a moment not spent on a student.

Laramie County taxpayers and students deserve a college that spends less of your money proving what they’re doing and more money doing what they’re doing.

True education is not about box-checking, properly phrased learning objectives, and filling out paperwork. True education is about instilling passion, cultivating a joy of deep thinking and preparing you and your students for a meaningful future, whatever that might be.

True education is a sacred responsibility. I know. I’ve been doing it for 15 years.

A voice for teachers

Educators are on the front lines every day, ensuring students are receiving the best education possible. Jenefer will work to ensure teachers spend less time talking about educating and more time educating.

A voice for students

Every student deserves a world-class education. Students aren't served well by their teachers sitting in endless meetings talking about education - they're served by teachers focusing on them and their education.

A voice for education

Educating isn't about paperwork and it isn't about fancy names for new initiatives. It's about preparing students for their futures, for Wyoming's future. Jenefer is committed to promoting effective education.

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Meet Jenefer
Jenefer is a 15-year veteran of the K-12 education system, and a mom of a child in that same system. She's even continuing her own education right now. Learn more about Jenefer and why she can make a difference as an LCCC trustee.

Meet jenefer

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